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  • DC brushless motor controllers

    Our BLDC motor controllers are designed to manage the speed and position of 3-phase DC brushless motors equipped with Hall sensors. We offer two series, BLD and BLSD, specifically tailored for controlling BLDC motors with power ratings ranging from 24V to 48V, and with a maximum power output of up to 1000 watts.

  • DC brush motor controllers

    Our BMD and BMSD series models offer motor speed control at both 12V and 24V for DC brush motors with a rated current of up to 40A. Additionally, our controllers are equipped to handle position control for models featuring encoders.

  • Stepper motor controllers

    We provide a range of stepper motor controllers that cater to the entire spectrum of step motors, starting from small 20 mm-sized motors to high-torque stepper motors as large as 130 mm. These controllers support a current per phase spanning from 0.1 Amp to 8.0 Amp.

  • Stepper motor drivers STEP/DIR

    We provide stepper motor drivers compatible with a full range of motors. Our SMD drivers interpret STEP (Pulse) and DIR (Level) signals as references for motion control. These drivers are designed to work with a high-level voltage ranging from 5 to 24 VDC, making them compatible with most signal sources.

  • Stepper motors

    Stepper motors offer precise, cost-effective motion without the need for expensive, complex feedback systems. Their operation is straightforward to control, making them an economical choice for various applications.

  • DC linear actuators

    Linear actuators feature a compact design, making them an excellent choice for applications with limited space. These actuators are known for their robust, quiet, and powerful performance and can optionally be equipped with built-in Hall sensors.

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