Buy SMD-8.0DIN ver.3 - stepper motor driver
SMD-8.0DIN ver.3 - stepper motor driver
  • SMD-8.0DIN ver.3 - stepper motor driver

SMD-8.0DIN ver.3 - stepper motor driver

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Stepper motor driver with pulse control STEP/DIR

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This high-performance stepper motor driver is built using modern hardware components and is designed for motors with a current per phase rating of up to 8.0 A. It can be controlled using STEP/DIR signals or an internal pulse generator with a potentiometer, and it also supports analog voltage speed regulation.

The key attributes that set it apart from competitors are its exceptional dynamics and high torque performance at high speeds. It excels in providing smooth and silent motion through the use of microstepping. Its slim design and compatibility with standard DIN rail mounting make it easy to integrate into a production environment.

The SMD-8.0DIN ver.3 offers various options for controlling stepper motors:

• Pulse Position Control through external signals.
• Analog Speed Control Modes:
- Voltage signal in the range of 0 to 5 VDC.
- Voltage signal in the range of 0 to 10 VDC.
- Built-in potentiometer.
- External potentiometer.

Depending on the specific task, the controller can be used in one of the following control modes:

Pulse Position Control: Ideal for precise positioning tasks using standard control signals STEP and DIR. In this mode, the enable signal ENABLE can also be inverted.

Analog Speed Control Mode: Utilizing an external or built-in potentiometer, or analog voltage signals in the 0 to 5 V or 0 to 10 V range, this mode is suitable for tasks involving the precise maintenance and regulation of speed. The controller employs a built-in generator to set the pulses. This mode is used in scenarios involving simple motor movement (rotation) or when using an external source of "STEP" pulses is not feasible.

SMD-8.0DIN ver.3
20 Items

Data sheet

12 - 48 VDC
Max.current per phase
5.0 - 8.0 А
1/1 - 1/256
Control methods
Analog speed control, pulse position control STEP/DIR